Threads Interaction Circle Generator


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Threads Circle is a website that allows you to visualize and generate a graphical representation of the people and friends you frequently interact with on Instagram's new Threads app. This tool was created by the same creator of, providing a similar concept for the Threads app with no login needed.

Threads Circle works by analyzing your interactions on the Threads app, including posts, reposts, quotes, replies, and mentions of other users. Using an advanced algorithm, it identifies the individuals with whom you engage the most. By generating a circle image, Threads Circle presents a visual representation of your interaction circle or circle of friends on Threads. Rest assured we do not store or collect any user data. Everything that is used to generate the interaction circle is public data.

Threads Circle distinguishes itself by offering an algorithm that provides improved accuracy and depth when calculating engagement and generating the interaction circle for Threads. While it draws inspiration from Chirpty, Threads Circle leverages a different algorithm to deliver a more accurate and comprehensive representation of your friends and interactions. 

Threads Circle is by the same creator of Twitter Circle and uses a similar algorithm.